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DraftStoppa® TopHat™ AT200D (240V only)

Top performance!
Top efficiency!

The DraftStoppa® TopHat™ is an innovative, energy efficient, ducted ceiling exhaust fan incorporating the Award Winning DraftStoppa® concept.

Devised, developed and fully manufactured in Australia, the TopHat™ combines high output and maximum performance with a unique self-sealing design. It is the only totally enclosed fan system with the ability to exhaust air to the outside without return air coming back in.

Made from recyclable, fire retardant materials, the TopHat™ is simple to install, and can be installed into new homes and well as being retro-fitted into established homes.


  • The revolutionary VorTecs™ grille, featuring a unique “swirl” design fascia, boosts air movement and cuts energy usage.
  • A unique aerofoil blade design that maximises air lift, minimises back draft, and reduces noise level.
  • Award-winning DraftStoppa technology seals out dust, pollution, vermin, water and snow.
  • Saves on heating & cooling costs!
  • Easy to install.


  • Approval Number: V06589
  • Model Number: AT200D
  • Rating: 240V, 50Hz, 35W
  • Duct: 150mm ø x 3 metres.
  • Eave Vent: 180mm x 180mm
  • Air movement at outlet of 3m Duct: 360m³/h (100 litres / second)
  • Plug & Lead: 800mm
  • TopHat™ Kit: fan, grill, duct tape and hole template

Patent No: 2006246303



Tests indicate a peak performance flow rate of 104 litres per second (220 cubic feetper minute) at the end of a 10 foot length of duct with a register/vent attached to the outlet.

Tests supervised and analysed by Dr Cooper, a recognised Australian expert in fan design and testing.

Not suitable for use in range hoods Distributors

Just thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know that ecoMaster installed the first Top Hat in a client’s bathroom yesterday The clients love it so much that they want another one in the kitchen. What is surprising about this is that the home is a rental property and the clients are tenants. The landlord paid for the one in the bathroom. The tenants are going to pay for the one in the kitchen! It’s a great product. Well done.

Lyn Beinat